Bedroom Guardian reviews

Bedroom Guardian is a new device that promises to keep bugs away from your home using a mysterious natural formula. This is our opinion Bedroom Guardian.

What is Bedroom Guardian?

Bedroom Guardian is a bug clearing device that prevents bed bugs from crawling up at night.

The company behind Bedroom Guardian claims that it is a tasteless product that is completely safe to use and has no long term adverse health effects. He works within 24 hours.

The device is $ 9.95, though this purchase requires you to subscribe to receive orders of up to $ 19.90 per month for $ Bedroom Guardian.

The Bedroom Guardian itself is a disc-shaped device designed to slide between your mattress or under your bed. To some degree, the device emits ingredients that prevent the spread of bugs.

Bedroom Guardian how to work?

Of course, your first question should be this: How does it work?

Strangely enough, the manufacturer has not told anyone how it works. He hopes we can simply believe that this is the treatment of “all-natural” and “safe” bugs.

In fact, on the product’s “How It Works” page, the company simply threw out similar marketing terms

We do not have information on how Bedroom Guardian works.

We know about Bedroom Guardian manufacturers want you to place the device between your mattress or on the floor. Small plate-like device “as a precautionary measure to ensure that infection never occurs.”

It is important not to claim that you treat your existing bug. It just claims to be a precautionary measure against future bed bugs entering your home.


  • The services provided by professional insecticides are cost-effective
  • Easy to use because it provides detailed instructions to guide you
  • It has no harmful chemicals so it can be safely used by kids and pets around
  • Permanently eliminate bugs for peace of mind
  • Work immediately, so you do not have to wait until you see the result
  • Provide 24-hour protection
  • If the product is not for you, you can enjoy 30 days money back guarantee
  • Under strict quality control


  • Each refill costs double. However, some people find the price reasonable compared to other products
  • BedroomGuardian is not a single purchase. It must be reapplied at least every 60 days to make sure the error will not come back.
  • Only available online, but the delivery speed, low shipping costs.

Have Bedroom Guardian free trial?

Yes, the company offers a free trial, you can get a sample product for a small fee. Please note that if you cancel your subscription before the trial period expires, you will automatically be charged and will continue to send you more parcels.

I recommend that when you order Bedroom Guardian products, put a note on your fridge, or set a reminder on your phone. This will give you an idea of the situation and help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences.